Durham Rotary Club



Joe Mead*, President
Gene Ray*, Vice-President
Ray Duer*, Secretary-Treasurer

Albert Strong*
G.W. Sitton*
E.G. England*
Gerald Russell*

Charles Calkins* Walter Wageman* N. A. Christensen*
J.W. DeLapp* James Monk* W. L. Owings*
James Leister* M. C. Grant* Louis Edwards*
Charles Schab* Emory Liston* Mel French*
O. E. Tracy*  L. W. Pray* Woodrow Estes*
Wiley Wahl Sr.* C. A. Thompson* Wes Cole*

                                                                                        * Deceased

45-46 Joe Mead* 78-79 Jim Mitchell 11-12 Ryan Sutton
46-47 Gene Ray* 79-80 Hank Marsh* 12-13 Steve Plume
47-48 Buck Sitton* 80-81 George Boggs 13-14 Bruce Miller
48-49 O.E. Tracy* 81-82 James Moore 14-15 Mary Sukuma
49-50 Claude Alexander* 82-83 Rick Landess 15-16 Mike Wacker
50-51 Vernon Fish* 83-84 Greg Scott 16-17 Ravi Saip
51-52 Mel French* 84-85 Jim Patterson 17-18 Larry Bradley
52-53 Bob Edmiston* 85-86 Dan Davis 18-19 Dave Jessen
53-54 Gene Harris 86-87 Bruce Norlie 19-20 Steve Heithecker
54-55 Don Phillips 87-88 Ray Meighan    
55-56 Henry Morgue* 88-89 Rick Farley    
56-57 Echo Lambert* 89-90 Walt Bender    
57-58 Gene Rideout* 90-91 Roy Ellis    
58-59 E.G. England* 91-92 Dar Meyer*    
59-60 Stan Anderson 92-93 Al Lotspeich    
60-61 Pat Murphy* 93-94 Bernie Hieptas    
61-62 Del Birdseye* 94-95 Don Bowlby*    
62-63 Fred Montgomery 95-96 Jim Pattersen    
63-64 Briant Woolley 96-97 Norm Larson    
64-65 Barry Bowen 97-98 Richard Hothem    
65-66 Austin Tozier  98-99 Steve Greenwood    
66-67 Jim Errington* 99-00 Dave Jessen    
67-68 Jim Petersen 00-01 Don McNelis    
68-69 Jim Edwards 01-02 Jen Liu    
69-70 Bill Dempsey 02-03 Larry Bradley    
70-71 Wayne Loveless* 03-04 Dave Mulqueeney    
71-72 Bob Druley 04-05 Jane Ziad    
72-73 Gilbert Moss 05-06 Bill Apger    
73-74 Arley Howsden 06-07 Andy Farrar    
74-75 Marvin Hasty 07-08 Daryle Polk    
75-76 Jerry Walters 08-09 Glenn Pulliam    
76-77 Garrett Starmer 09-10 Mike Crump    
77-78 Bob Birdseye 10-11 Jim Kirks    

"Serving Durham since 1945”


Rotary Club – “ Durham Rotary Seeks Rotary Charter At Dinner Meet 


            “ Durham , April 5. – Forty business men and guests met Tuesday evening for dinner in I.O.O.F. social hall to discuss the organization of a permanent service club for the Durham district.  A.M. Strong opened the meeting and introduced Joe Mead who in turn presented the special guests from Chico Rotary club.


            “It was voted to apply for a charter in Rotary International and until the provisional chapter is formally admitted to membership, it will complete its organization, meeting every Monday at 8 p.m. in I.O.O.F. hall.


            “Officers elected were Joe Mead, president, Gene Ray, vice president; Ray Duer, secretary-treasurer and Albert Strong, G.W. Sitton, E.G. England and Gerald Russell directors.”  [ Chico Enterprise, Thursday, March 5, 1945 , pg 3.]




            Durham Rotary was officially chartered on Friday, May 18, 1945 .  The dinner, served to the members and guests for the charter evening, prepared by Mrs. Sarah Franklin included Cole Slaw, Chicken and Noodles, Sweet Potatoes, String Beans, Sliced Tomatoes, Tea Rolls, Apple Pie and Coffee.  Other charter members were: Charles Calkins, J.W. DeLapp, James Leister, Charles Schab, Wesley Sitton, O.E. Tracy, Walter Wageman, James Monk, Alva Fenn, M.C. Grant, Emory Liston, L.W. Pray, Charles A. Thompson, Wiley Wahl, Sr., Walter L. Owings, Nels A. Christensen, Louis Edwards, Mel French, Woodrow Estes, and Wes Cole. [Program: Charter Night, Durham Club, May 18, 1945 .]




            The 65-year history of Durham Rotary in Durham in 2010, also shows multiple years of well-led projects: Sidewalks at Durham Elementary (1963-1964); Putney Street (1984); Parking lot at the Memorial Hall (1987), which was co-sponsored by Durham American Legion Post 673; and the Canopy at Community Park (1987).  Finally, 31-member strong group of individuals continues the now 30-year tradition of Rotary’s Harvest Festival, which funds the multiple-year and multiple recipient scholarships to graduates of Durham High School .